19 Jan 2020

www: Reethi Beach Resort

Location: Fonimagoodhoo, Maldives

What: Well... a Resort... but more

Visited: Jan 2020

What cost: 307 US$/night B&B

Where booked: Booking.com

Special: Location, atmosphere, good food

What to do: Enjoy the beach, snorkeling

Breakfast: Buffet

Reethi Beach Resort

Reethi Beach will not win the latest design award, but this longstanding resort makes it up with atmosphere and location. At times the lush vegetation make you feel you're in the jungle and the beaches surrounding the island are just beautiful. It's never too crowded and you've a choice between several restaurants and bars, some larger but often small with a relaxed vibe (especially the sunset bar is a favourite). The food is really good and you're spoiled with choices (from delicious pizza to fresh Maldivian Lobster), savoured on or next to the lagoon. Also incredible is the diversity of fish while snorkeling. You can't go wrong here.