17 Jan 2010

www: Houseboat

Location: Kollam, India

What: Kettuvallom, heritage boat

Visited: January 2010

What cost: 12.125 INR/2p.

Where booked: Southern Backwaters

Special: Experience

What to do: Relax, Enjoy

Breakfast: Fresh local food


A houseboat cruise in Kerala, most of them go between Kollam and Alleppey, is a treat for your mind. The visual impressions excite all of your senses. Kerala is a beautiful destination and a houseboat trip is a must. Once on board the (private) boat you’re taken care of and the only thing you’ve to do is to watch and take in the ambience. The food is well prepared and the room, although not luxury at all, is ok. You’ll spend anyway most of your time on the huge outside deck. Southern backwaters is a reliable company and you’re in for a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience.