Upstairs Hotel

Upstairs Hotel is the long awaited hip hotel on the Belgian Coast. It has a playful-cheerful soul. It's located just metres from the beach and close to the middle of the action. Ostend is a real town on the coast (the only, some might argue) and boost a lively day and night scene with some excellent museums. The 'New York' inspired industrial interior with it's yellow and black colors will be liked by urban dwellers. Choose a room on the streetside which has a balcony & side view of the sea. Both hospitality and food strike the right notes. Breakfast is served in a bistro style pub and drinks can always be taken from the bar, but for this we recommend the beach bars. Highly recommended place.

www: Upstairs Hotel

Location: Ostend, Belgium

What: Hip Hotel

Visited: Jun 2019

What cost: 137 €/night

Where booked: upstairshotel.com

Special: Most trendy hotel on Belgian coast

What to do: Enjoy Ostend city and its beaches

Breakfast: Buffet

10 Jun 2019