10 Nov 1994

www: :-))))

Location: Besisahar, Nepal

What: Lodge

Visited: November 1994

What cost: X NPR/night

Where booked: ;-))))

Special: Experience

What to do: Trekking

Breakfast: Get out asap


Hello! Everyone has to start somewhere. Back through the years this must have been one of the most ramshackle shelters to be found on the northern hemisphere. But it’s good to see that even this shed was sufficient for a (more or less) good sleep. It was also the starting point of the famous (and beautiful) Annapurna circuit. Along the trial more of these places were to be found, but even back in 1994 better ‘small hotels’ were rapidly appearing along the trek. Consider this as what Hip Shelters for Nomads is not about. But... who cannot appreciate the basic things early on....

Ramshackle Shed