15 Aug 2021

www: Pure Hotel

Location: Diksmuide, Belgium

What: Design hotel with top restaurant

Visited: Aug 2021

What cost: 230 €/night B&B

Where booked: Notarishuys

Special: Contemporary architecture, fab food

What to do: Explore the area, foodie place

Breakfast: à la carte

Pure Hotel

The Pure Hotel is a cutting-edge sleek annex by renowned architectural bureau Govaert & Vanhoutte. It's located in the garden of the cullinary restaurant Notarishuys. The minimalistic pavillion is well integrated in the environment, complementing the beautiful garden. Clean lines define the comtermporary rooms, and the mood setting is warm. The new swimming pool adds a bliss to this special place. Breakfast is very good and the food in the very cosy restaurant is exquisite. Be sure to make your reservation in advance though. The area in this part of the 'Westhoek' is well worth to explore. You won't find another place like this to stay when doing so.