18 Aug 2014

www: Kilima Safari Camp

Location: Amboseli, Kenya

What: Safari Camp

Visited: Aug 2014

What cost: 280 US$/night

Where booked: Booking.com

Special: Location

What to do: Amboseli National Park

Breakfast: Buffet


Kilima Safari Camp is located just next to the Kimana gate of the Amboseli National Park. The camp is nice with well appointed tents, a large swimming pool, good food and a nice bar but what makes this one so special are the stunning views of the Kilimanjaro mountain. It’s known that from the Amboseli Park you’ve the best view in the world but here you have it uninterrupted from your private terrace, even from your bed. After a rough camp in the Masai Mara this one was a welcome base to explore the park with stunning herds of elephants, cheetahs, lions and many more.

Kilima Safari Camp