12 Apr 2012

www: Diggi Palace

Location: Jaipur, India

What: Heritage Palace

Visited: April 2012

What cost: 4800 INR/night

Where booked: Diggi Palace

Special: Tranquil Heaven

What to do: Jaipur noise

Breakfast: Buffet


After a day in Jaipur, Diggi Palace welcomes you with the extreme calm, as opposed to the noise of Jaipur. Sure, Jaipur has it’s nice features like the Palace of winds or the monkey temple but it’s hectic, very hectic! (and I’m used to the Indian, at times, chaotic feel).  The hotel feels colonial with beautiful gardens (many birds) and friendly staff.  Food was very good, as is the lemon soda (a favourite during daytime when it’s very hot). Rooms are large and light, sober but fitting the former palace. An extra was a party, with an elephant polo. Highly recommended chill-out place.

Diggi Palace