05 Feb 2014

www: Not available anymore :-(

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

What: Boutique Hotel

Visited: February 2014

What cost: 225 euro/night

Where booked: Casa Mosquito

Special: Trendy Bohemian Chic

What to do: Ipanema

Breakfast: Choice of the day


Casa Mosquito is a 4 room (preparing for 10) boutique guesthouse located slightly above the buzz of beautiful Ipanema. Though only 10’ walking from the famous beach this gem sits next to a favela and feels like being in another world. We had 2 different rooms, but loved the Tom Jobim (although smallest) most. It’s very light and gives a view on the ocean. It also has a very charming small porch with nice views. All amenities are available and the house and main terrace is incredibly well decorated. You feel the two owners live architecture. Urban shelter at its best.

Casa Mosquito