29 mar 2013

www: BLC Design Hotel

Location: Paris, France

What: Design Hotel

Visited: March 2013

What cost: 162 euro/night

Where booked: Booking.com

Special: Cool

What to do: Explore Bastille area

Breakfast: Buffet


BLC design hotel has a stark white design. Entering the lobby, this makes a serious contrast with the surrounding streets when you pop in late evening. The (small) rooms are cleverly designed (don’t expect conventional luggage storage though) and also immerse you in bright whites. A wall filling photograph adds to the atmosphere. The room is equipped with a ‘NightCove’ sleep enhancement docking station, fun to use (but didn’t feel the difference), and the other expected amenities (real rain shower is nice feature). Compared to the nearby Hi Matic it’s more stylish, but also a bit more traditional.

BLC Design Hotel