17 Mar 2004

www: Annex Katsutaro

Location: Tokyo, Japan

What: Ryokan

Visited: March 2004

What cost: 8500 yen/night

Where booked: Katsutaro

Special: Location

What to do: Time will be short

Breakfast: Coffee, toast


Simply put: Tokyo is my favourite city. It has no city centre but is a conglomeration of 23 wards, best known are Shinjuku, Chuo (Ginza), Shibuya etc... You get excited everywhere. This modern (basic) Ryokan is located in Yanaka area, a very pretty old fashioned part of the city (with authentic wooden houses and resto’s) close to Ueno park. You sleep on a typical tatami with futon and although a little spartan, you feel you’re in real Japan. JR line and subway access is close by. Tokyo is a very modern/busy city and sleeping in this Ryokan is a nice way to escape from the crowds.

Annex Katsutaro Ryokan